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Picture America – Change Machines

Having the exact change or even having coins to ride the public transportation in Jordan is quite a dilemma. I was once denied service at the Post Office because the person working there didn’t have exact change for the stamps I wanted to buy. Everyone in Jordan knows how difficult it is to find coins.

Behold one of the best man-made inventions:

2014-05-02 20.46.13 2014-05-02 20.46.21

You feed the machine a paper bill of $1, $5, $10 or $20 and the machine will give you back the equivalent in coins (i.e., quarters). No need to go from shop to shop begging business owners for a change. Brilliant invention indeed!

These machines are mainly at self car wash and at washers and dryers businesses. Most apartment complexes here have a big room with many coin operated washers and dryers for the residents. Parking meters are also operated by coins.

This is another machine made to make peoples’ life easier.


6 thoughts on “Picture America – Change Machines

  1. This is the past. These machines are being replaced by smart cards and smart phones that can pay for everything without need for coins, However, I will still use cash until they can prevent hackers from stealing people’s financial info


    1. Yes, here in Columbia MO they replaced some of the parking meters with ones you can pay with a credit card. Not so for washing machines though 🙂


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