Does religion teach hate?

The first time I saw a Chick tract  publication was in 2002 or 2003. I was barely a year in the USA. The title of that comic was “Allah Had No Sun.” It was mailed to the only mosque in Rolla, MO. I was amazed by how inaccurate and wrong it was. As if it was written by a 9- year-old boy. It claims that Muslims’ God is the moon and if this was not enough their reasoning is utterly stupid.

“Allah Had No Son” by CHICK Publications

While in Kansas city, a friend of mine with his hijabi wife were handed five of these Chick tracts.


Another very naive and derogatory comic is titled “Is Allah Like You?” In this one,  a Muslim man who used to beat his son and wife stops his awful behavior once he starts reading the Bible. Below, are the first and last couple of pages. Each of these tracts is 22 pages.


I am not sure if I should be more offended by the depiction of the wife-beater Muslim man or by the statement “get up and milk the goat!”
The Muslim husband started reading the Bible and his heart towards others mainly his wife and son changed completely.


These Chick publications are luckily not widely acknowledged. In fact, there is a lot of controversy about the publisher and some consider it a hate group. I wonder though if there are many non-Muslim Americas who share the same perspective about Muslims and Islam with these tracts. Given, no religion these days has worst bad publicity like Islam, from its own followers. And it is getting worse day after day with the increasing number of those terrorists groups like Boko Haram and ISIS. 

I don’t care much when I read things like these Chick comics. Or watch a Muslim who converted to Christianity being hosted by Fox news and given tons of money to lie about how awful Islam is. Few of those repeatedly hosted were later discovered to be fraud. My real concern is those claimed Jihadists who for sure have no knowledge of Islam whatsoever. In fact, they are so bad that their extreme hate ideology makes no sense to Muslims. That led many Muslims to interpret why and how these groups exist as they are the creation of the west, to hurt the image of Islam. 

Regardless of how and why these terrorist groups exist their existence is temporary for sure. I know this for two reasons. First, Islam is not a religion of hate. Prophet Muhammad was not sent to teach hate. Second, history taught us that hate groups don’t last long.


12 thoughts on “Does religion teach hate?

  1. Interesting that these publications are in English. You would think Arabic, Urdu, Pashtu, or Persian would have better reach. But then, these are not well educated people since they barely know English. Ignorance is everywhere. I am amused when I hear about Qur’an burning since these idiots don’t know that is the best way to protect and prevent it from defacement or being soiled. Allah will have the last word.


    1. I think even if these were translated into Arabic or Urdu it would be almost impossible to pass them around in Muslim countries. First, publications that demeans Islam are not allowed into Muslim countries. Second, even if they got there somehow Muslims will not respond positively about them.


  2. I’ve never heard of chick tract before. Sounds childish to me and I can’t think of no one that takes such “msgs” seriously, no matter how remote their knowledge about Islam (or Christianity) is.

    There r in many ways a lot of equivalents to this chick tract among Muslims (who pretend/mistake themselves to be Muslims) but -as u said- such people will demolish. I just hope it would be sooner than later!


  3. I’ve never seen the Muslim-themed Chick tracts before. That does seem an odd, er, witnessing tool. I have heard that about the moon god before though. I wonder where that comes from.

    Interesting post as always!


    1. Before Islam, Arabs worshiped idols not because they believed these idols were their Gods but because they believed these idols were their way to God. That is why Islam is very strict when it comes to pictures and statues. The idea is to force Muslims not to use objects as a medium to be close to God rather to pray directly to Allah.
      Unfortunately, some Muslims still use the ‘blue eye’ or the ‘hand’ symbol to keep the satan or the envy away. A practice that is deemed by all Muslim Scholars as wrong.

      I personally don’t like the crescent on top of mosques because the crescent means nothing in Islam. It is not an Islamic symbol. I guess it started during the Ottoman Empire and we still using it on Mosques and some flags.

      So, I guess because Muslims are using the crescent everywhere others thought it is their symbol or God. Also, Muslims use a lunar calendar and some of the Muslims activities are based on the moon like the beginning and the ending of Ramadan.


      1. the blue bead is superstition but the evil eye “Hassad” is mentioned in the Qur’an so envy is an evil that must be protected against. The Russian Orthodox Church is a church that preaches hate.


      2. Thank you! If evil eye means Hassad then you are right. Hassad is mentioned in the Quran but of course no objects (like the hand or the blue eye, etc.) should be used to deter Hassad.


  4. Oh, Chick tracks. I’ve never had the pleasure to see one of these in person but I hear plenty about them. He’s another of those people in the vein of the Westboro Baptist Church. They hate everyone who isn’t them.

    I don’t think that you can say any religion teaches hate, personally. People will find the justification for their hate where ever they can. But if they can blame it on God, then all the better.


    1. “But if they can blame it on God, then all the better.”
      I guess we share the same opinion here.
      I came to conclusion that humans are prejudice by nature. And to justify their hate and prejudice toward others they use religion.


  5. I enjoyed reading your blog post. One of my Facebook friends mentioned it to me. I grew up in a christian denomination that handed out Chick tracts on occasion as a tool to proselytize. I always questioned those methods and beliefs, even as a child. They certainly don’t represent mainstream Christian faith. In fact, as one of the comments noted, they are “in the vein of Westboro Baptist Church.” Like them, Chick Publications targets anyone who deviates even slightly from their particularly narrow interpretation of the Bible. On behalf of sane Christians, I apologize for Jack Chick. Thanks for the interesting post!


    1. Hi Marcus- Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to write your thoughts on the subject. Glad to know that Chick tracts are not believable to most Christians.
      As I mentioned in my comment to Amber, I don’t think any religion preaches hate but usually some of the religion followers use religion to justify their hate to others.


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