Arab-Israeli Wars?

Every week, our public library has a themed-books-display. Yesterday, the theme was “Arab-Israeli Wars.” I appreciate the effort of the library’s staffs in gathering related books about the Middle East conflict. But, after reading the themed title I thought the title is very misleading. The last Arab-Israeli war was in 1973. That is, more than 40 years. In this recent war, no Arab country is involved in this war in any way. It is a war between the fourth military power and Hamas Organization.

I don’t support Hamas. But the way Israel is dealing with the current situation is abhorrent. Israel is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Yet, we keep see these horrible images of dead Palestinian children day after day.

2014-07-17 20.20.20-1
Unfortunately, as long as the United States of America insists in supporting Israel’s point of view only (and keeps lying to its citizens about Israel’s right to defend itself) there will never be peace in the Middle East. I see some politicians from all over the world condemn Israel’s actions but I am yet to hear it from ONE American Congress person.

There is no such thing as an Arab-Israeli war. Not a single rocket or a military jet crossed the Israeli border in the past 40 years. So, why America still insist in calling it the Arab-Israeli war? It is two millions Gazans suffering and living in the biggest siege in the world while the entire world and the Arabs are watching.

I wonder what these books displayed above say though. What we read in books is always true, right?


4 thoughts on “Arab-Israeli Wars?

  1. I see stuff on Facebook showing all “the Muslim world” colored in green, and then this tiny sliver in blue (Israel.) It’s point, I think, is to show the solidarity of those against Israel and how Israel has a host of millions who hate it so, of course, it has to defend itself. Typical poor-underdog Israel mentality.

    I think even though this is a Gaza or Hamas v. Israel thing, many people think all Arabs hate Israel so they probably just make it an Arab-Israeli conflict rather than being truly accurate about it.

    Glancing at those books, I do wonder if any of them present the Palestinian side – or how balanced are these books?

    Did you say anything to the library staff about it? it would be great if they would allow you to present another point of view to any who would be interested in hearing it.

    Glad you shared this!


    1. I believe the internet is one of the greatest man made invention, for smart people that is. Now, many people read news from different resources. Who would ever imagine to see Americans reading or watching Al Jazeera after for many years it was considered the voice of Bin Laden. This now one of the top news Channels in the world were called a terrorist network by many Americans.

      Thanks for the internet people now read news from all over the world, given they want to know the truth. And I think this is why this current war Israel is losing its propaganda battle in front of the world.

      Unfortunately, I didn’t talk to a librarian about my observation. I will if I go there and see the same books display.


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