Picture America

Picture America – Churches

There are many churches here in Columbia, MO. Some are old and some are new. I like the two below because of their old architecture.



Calvary Episcopal Church




6 thoughts on “Picture America – Churches

  1. I keep on getting into an argument of whether architecture/buildings/etc.. r forms of art or not! They r nice for sure to see but it is a form of art? It communicates to us “something” but -to me- it is a second-order communication, not in the sense they r deeper but that they r less informative than written or spoken communication forms; first-order “art”.

    Of course this is just looking at it from one angle, “creating” things can be in the sort of architecture and it stirs a meaning too.

    * I am not as messy on Thursdays till Mondays btw 😛 – just speaking out loud here I guess.


    1. No doubt architecture is a form of art. An architecture communicates the identity of the building to people, beside many other things. You can learn a lot about a particular culture from their architecture. No one can deny the sophistication and the beauty of the Islamic architecture in Andalusia. That period of time Muslims were engaged in building a civilization. Now, how much money is spent on building libraries compared to mosques?

      In Europe and the Sates, public libraries are as important as hospitals. Because we all know a healthy body without a healthy mind is a dead soul.


      1. e7na 5atamna al 3ilem! No need for libraries 😦
        AND no comment about if we 5atamna al deen kaman!
        I was looking for an article, which I though was absolutely great, about how art forms can have a hierarchy! I could not find it :{

        It argued how some forms of art, i.e. architecture, can be thought of as less informing and/or innovative compared to, say, poetry. Of course it depends on what criteria you apply but it was what triggered my 1st comment. I read it long time ago but stayed with me, made sense to me. (if I ever find it I shall send it!) – I have a hard copy back home though.
        Speaking of home, welcome back! I saw the pics u posted on twitter 🙂


      2. Sorry for the late response. Still busy with social life 🙂
        Glad you can see some of the pictures on Instagram/Twitter.


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