Website is back again

For the past seven days I have been chatting online and corresponding with my website’s server host support team. They have suspended my website three times and was warned of a permanent suspension. The problem was due to a WordPress plugin that I installed and caused an overload on the server.

Unfortunately, it took so long to solve the problem because I had to fix the problem myself. Even after uninstalling the plugin and removing any instance of it on MySQL the problem continued. I had to read about cron jobs and other technicality to be able to solve the problem. It was a long process. Luckily, I think the problem is fixed now. So, hopefully the website is going to have some new posts soon!

Here is the email I received from support team:

“The WordPress application associated with the database in your account, is creating too many requests to the database server and utilizing heavy network/server resources, which are resulting in critical issues with the server pool. As a result, we have been forced to suspend your site, to protect services to our other customers.

In order to unsuspend it, you need to agree to take immediate action to reduce the MySQL load resulting from your content. The database queries in question appear to be related to the NextGen Gallery plugin. This appears to be a known issue with some versions of the plugin:
So you may need to update the plugin, or carry out the other steps described in the link above. “

p.s. Don’t install Next Gallery plugin!


4 thoughts on “Website is back again

  1. Oh wow. I think that’s the one that I use for one of my websites. I haven’t had any trouble with it, so I need to go and check and make sure that I’m not having the same problem. Glad the website is back up.


    1. Cool. I didn’t know you have a website. I will check it out after I post this comment 🙂
      I got really frustrated with this issue. After doing some reading it seems some plugins are poorly written and don’t delete all their files even after uninstalling them. In my case, there were scheduled tasks for this plugin although it was removed.

      I had to install another plugin called fff-cron-manager that check for scheduled tasks for deleted plugins.

      I never knew any of this until decided to suspend my website three times.


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