Yarmouk University Campus – Photos

It had been 20 years since I graduated from Yarmouk University (1990-1994). I can’t imagine how fast years go bye. The pictures below were taken two months ago, before the fall semester started. It was about 7:30 am.

Nothing much had changed except for couple new buildings.

2014-08-27 07.14.10 2014-08-27 07.10.50

The campus has mainly two types of trees; olive and palm.

2014-08-27 07.12.53 2014-08-27 07.12.57
2014-08-27 07.16.40 2014-08-27 07.17.02

Olive trees everywhere.

2014-08-27 07.17.47 2014-08-27 07.18.52
2014-08-27 07.17.39 2014-08-27 07.17.43
2014-08-27 07.15.59 2014-08-27 07.15.14 emblem

Jordanian universities don’t have mascots they have emblems. The new security cameras were not installed then.

2014-08-27 07.15.28 2014-08-27 07.10.17
2014-08-27 07.13.56 2014-08-27 07.13.53
2014-08-27 07.16.08 2014-08-27 07.15.47


12 thoughts on “Yarmouk University Campus – Photos

    1. Yes, it is quite different. Not as beautiful as Mizzou. Campuses here are just for attending classes; no fraternities, sororities, dorms, homecoming, mascots, etc.

      Not very sure but maybe the university’s name is after Yarmouk River. It even seems the origin of the name is not Arabic.
      “The Yarmuk River, sometimes also spelled “Yarmouk” (Arabic: نهر اليرموك‎, Nahr Al-Yarmuk, or شريعة المناذرة, Shariat el Menadhirah; Hebrew: נהר הירמוך‎, Nahar HaYarmukh; Ancient Greek: Ἱερομύκης, ; Latin: Hieromices)[1][2] is the largest tributary of the Jordan River.[3] It runs in Jordan, Syria and Israel and drains much of the Hauran plateau. Its main tributaries are the wadis of ‘Allan and Ruqqad from the north, Ehreir and Zeizun from the east.”


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