Believe not what you see

It is not the first time and will never be the last time that we see a picture with a caption that turns out to be not what the picture is about.
Soldier-Gun-GirlThis picture has been shared on Facebook more than any other picture from the Middle East. The caption associated with the picture always says the same thing such as this is an Israeli soldier pointing his weapon to a Palestinian girl. Although there is nothing to indicate that these girls are Palestinians and the soldier is an Israeli, the picture spreads like a wildfire.

When I saw the picture I quickly figured there is something not right about it. So, with a quick search it turned out the picture is from a play. One website claims that this is in Bahrian.

Soldier-Gun-Girl-2Here is what I am having trouble understanding. There are many legit pictures of the of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) oppression. Why share a fake one? Why make a forged picture the image of Israel’s oppression while there are many legit ones?

I think to find an answer to why this picture was widely shared we need first to know who started it?

There are two answers here:

  1. A Palestinian started sharing this fake picture to show the world how bad the Israelis are. If this is the case then this was a very naive thing to do.
  2. An Israeli started sharing this picture to eventually show the world how most of the things the Palestinians claim to say are not true. If this is the case then I believe this was a smart move. Meaning, it will deter people from believing everything the Palestinians say.

Now, regardless of who started this thing people need to be more careful before sharing stuff.


6 thoughts on “Believe not what you see

  1. It’s a shame how people will twist things to suit their own agenda. As a street photographer, which is basically documenting life as it happens and not posed shots, I always portray things as I see them. If you twist the truth even once, and even only a little bit, your integrity will be questioned and everything you say, do and photograph will not be taken seriously.


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