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Jaraads in 2014

Thankfully, WordPress provides a service for keeping stats of one’s blog. At the end of the year they send an annual report of top posts and comments. These are the posts that got the most views in 2014:

  1. What race you are attracted to the most?
  2. We all live in glass houses
  3. في مسألة تغييب العقل
  4. Ten reasons men in their 40s are a good catch
  5. Do Americans know about the USAID?

The post that got the most views in one day is Does religion teach hate?

My Arabic post  “The issue of the absence of the mind” في مسألة تغييب العقل was the most shared in Facebook. And Do Americans know about the USAID? came next.

I wrote before about my struggle to find or at least define home (Choosing where to liveGet some clarity about your life). But, maybe THIS is my home! It is where I find myself the most. So, thank you all for reading, commenting  and sharing posts on different Social Media sites. Thank you for being a member of THIS family.

Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!



6 thoughts on “Jaraads in 2014

  1. Also in the stats, me, myself, & I is/r amongst the highest 3 commentators on Jaraads “quantity NOT quality wise surly”

    *I had to Malik, I had to say it 🙂


    1. And you have the right to say it 🙂
      Thank you always!
      It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I see people read and comment on what I write.


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