Enjoying an early spring day

Spring is my favorite season and spring in Irbid is the most beautiful among the places I visited. While my Facebook friends in North America and Europe are posting snow pictures I went out in my polo shirt, yesterday. It was sunny and the weather was just perfect.

I went to a village near by called Kufr Asad. Here are some pictures:



12 thoughts on “Enjoying an early spring day

  1. ماشاء الله…كتير حلوين الصور
    انا من محبي الربيع ومو بس لان عيد ميلادي فيه 🙂

    كنا نروح رحلات كتير وانا صغيرة بس هلأ بطلنا مش عارفه ليش….مع اني بحس حالي انا واهلي بهالعمر بحاجه لنشوف الافق و نستمتع بالشمس اكتر من لما كنا صغار


    1. انا كمان عيد ميلادي بشهر 3 🙂 ـ
      الطلعه صارت مفاجئه بدون تخطيط. الجو كان جميل وكفر أسد 16 كيلو فقط من اربد
      لما الرحله تكون بدون تخطيط بتكون مريحه


  2. Please let it stay like this. I am coming in 2 days time 🙂 🙂

    Irbid is a must visit for me even if it was snowing! 😀


  3. It looks so warm and lovely over there. We could definitely use some of that warmth here in New York! 😀 It is getting better but it’s still too cold for my liking.


    1. I have been following the news and heard that this winter is even colder than last year. Last winter was so brutal I hated it. And Missouri is still not as cold as New York. Even Jordan is not warm enough for me 🙂


      1. I used to complain about summer and the heat all of the time. I’ll never do that again. 😀 I can’t deal with snow and freezing cold weather.


  4. Missouri can be very cold with that northerly wind coming down the plains from Canada. I lived there and do not want to go back. No complaints now since I am in Amman for a few days.


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