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March is good this year

We do not always convey emotions via speech and when feelings are not spoken, many times, they go unnoticed. It has been six months since I came back from the USA and it took me five months to be aware of my mother’s unspoken saddens.

My mother became sixty this March. Although, she does not have young children to take care of she still wakes up early and does house chores daily. However, since I came back, I noticed she does rigid house chores even more than she used to when she was younger. Her daily routine is as follows: She wakes up at 7:30 am, drinks her coffee then go to the kitchen. Even in the evening, she manages to find something to do to make her busy.

I used to tell her that she does not need to clean this or that. I keep telling her to sit and relax. I was wrong. Luckily, I managed to interpret her unspoken emotions. She needed to keep herself busy because she does not want to think of what makes her sad. She has not seen her ill 80 something mother for more than three years and any of her sisters and brothers. My mother used to travel to Damascus twice a year and sometimes more. Even at the beginning of the Syrian War, she used to go.

I understand how my mother feels; I used to have this feeling. The intense fear of not seeing a parent before they pass away. Everybody deals with his emotions on his way. My mother chose to keep herself busy by doing house chores. I wish she can sit and relax more but then I know if she does, she will cry.

Almost all my cousins in Syria fled the country. They went to Turkey, Egypt, UK, France, Libya and any other country that will allow them to stay. This year, Mother’s Day will not be as happy as it used to be for my cousins’ mothers. Moreover, the devastating news is no one knows when these mothers will be able to see their children.

Separation is difficult but the best Mother’s Day gift for these mothers is to know that their sons, daughters and their families are safe even if they are far and apart from them.

Tomorrow 21st of March is Mother’s Day in the Arab world. A region that has been devastated by many wars and has not seen happiness for a long, long time. A region that forces fathers to test their fatherhood and mothers to test their motherhood to their limits. And for some others to test their faith or whatever left of it.

For me, this March is the best in the past twelve years. This March, I will be celebrating Mother’s Day with my mother and the family. Not only my mother and I have our birthdays on March but we also share the same birth date.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and a wonderful SPRING!


11 thoughts on “March is good this year

  1. Happy birthday to you and your mom! I had no idea you were born on her birthday! (She was young when she had you! 🙂 )

    But I am so sorry that she is not able to see her mother. I have a dear Syrian friend and his heart has been very heavy lately. I can understand why.

    I hope one day you all will have the peace and joy you long for.

    Also, happy mother’s day to your mom.

    And, also, six months since you left us already, huh? Wow! I’m glad we can keep in touch!


    1. Thank you, Susanne!
      Unfortunately, the Syrian was is taking to long and affecting too many people. Hopefully, the Syrians and everyone affected can find some peace soon.

      I think the world has to thank Mr. Zuckerberg for keeping people connected 🙂


  2. I should have not posted that comment.
    What u wrote was beautiful Malik, really it was. Thanks for sharing that.

    Happy mother’s day to yr mom and a happy b-day to both of u.

    It will not be that happy for a lot, hopefully it will next year. Departed will get united, sick ones will get better, & who lost their moms will be stronger.


  3. كل عام وخالتو وانت بالف خير بمناسبه عيد ميلادكم
    وكل عام وخالتو و امهاتنا جميعا بالف خير وربنا يصبر ويعوض اللي فقدو امهاتهم كل الخير يا رب

    الله يفرح قلب خالتو بشوفة كل اللي بتحبهم عن قريب ويهدي بالها يا رب 😦


  4. That is so sad. When I was in Germany back in 2013, I was only there for 5 days but I video chatted with my mother every single night. I missed her so much while I was there. I can’t even imagine how it is for parents and children who have to go for years without seeing each other. It’s interesting that no matter how old you are, or if you have a family of your own, you need to have your parents near you.


    1. The hardest thing for me while in the USA was being away from my parents. After 12 years, I decided that my priority should be being close to them.


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