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Visiting Roman Ruins (2)

Here are some more pictures of my latest trip to Um Qais (Gadara).


Centuries before Broadway, there were the Roman theaters. Apparently, where ever the Romans went they built theaters. The theater in Gadara is not as big as the one in Jerash but the view over the mountains is definitely much better. According to Wikipedia Gadara was once called the ‘city of philosophers’

2015-04-08 12.07.08

IMG_20150408_171939 IMG_20150408_184633
IMG_20150408_173029 IMG_20150408_172424

The entire city reminded of me of the movie “Gladiator.” But, the hall (in the picture above) especially made me want to watch the movie again. This hall is located below the theater seats (amphitheater) and has multiple pathways to the theater.


They also had a church but unfortunately only few columns left after it was destroyed by an earthquake in 747.

IMG_20150408_171704 2015-04-08 12.21.52

The ruins…

IMG_20150408_172300 IMG_20150408_171606


4 thoughts on “Visiting Roman Ruins (2)

  1. The picture with all of the benches reminded me of “Gladiator”, too. It really is remarkable how well these places are maintained. I can see why it’s a popular choice for school trips.


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