Song – Jane Ashegh

Here is the song I have been listening to for the past three days and it had me tranced, although I don’t speak Farsi. According to 7iber this song is a Sufi Persian poem written by Jalal al-Din Rumi. Everything about this song is beautiful; the performance, the voices, the musicians, their colorful clothes and their musical instruments.

So, block your never ending “Iran nuclear deal” nonsense and enjoy this:


8 thoughts on “Song – Jane Ashegh

  1. I recognised: kam sanah! Not sure if it means the same in Farsi
    Singing while seated in such position – impressive!


    1. Nice song! It seems Greek music is very close to the Turkish. I have actually posted two videos of Turkish songs on this blog 🙂 They are good.
      When I was in the USA I always hoped that Americans would broadcast and watch Eurovision, the yearly song contest. You actually can enjoy a song even if you don’t know the language. I am excited to watch this year on May 23rd.


  2. I’ve listened to it more than three times , and I enjoyed it before knowing the meaning of the words, but after getting the meaning I found it very attractive song with it’s words and the magnificent music.
    And of course it’s Al Rumi’s, the best Sofi poet .


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