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Data Mining and Custom Advertising

Have you noticed how ads you see on your Facebook page or on web sites while browsing the internet are somehow similar to what you searched for and browsed? Did you receive a catalog or coupons of a product by mail from a company even when you have never requested their catalog?

I believe we are now in the second stage of the computer era. In the first stage, computers were used to store data, process the data and retrieve simple information from the stored data. Databases are the best example of this stage of computing. Computers now can store vast amount of data and can collect data from different geographical locations and store it in one place (e.g., cloud computing). Based on this huge amount of data (i.e., big data) we can analyze a pattern or even predict the future of an event or a purchasing behavior. This is the second stage of the computer era.

Data Mining, a part of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, is responsible for finding patterns and predicting information from data. Netflix, Target, Facebook, Credit Card companies and many others use data mining to understand and predict their customers’ movies preference, purchasing pattern or shopping behavior.

Here is an interesting video about how advertisers use data mining to customize their ads:


4 thoughts on “Data Mining and Custom Advertising

  1. Yes, I have noticed that! Just last week I booked a room at the beach. Then later I was glancing at Google Maps to find the best route – and it *had my reservation dates on the side* as if they knew when I needed to travel. Whoa. I guess it’s not so weird, but it is a little!


    1. As much convenient this might be some people don’t like it in fear of privacy issues. It seems in Europe they have more strict laws that requires companies to explicitly inform customers when they are collecting their data.


  2. the corporations r already several steps ahead; this privacy and hyper-connectedness is going to be a pull-product rather than a push one. We r the ones who r gonna seek these ads (ad much more features and what not) as we do not want to feel/be left out + the surroundings will discourage any other “viable” solutions/alternatives.

    IT infrastructure and innovative ideas r going toward this path, and what u talked about + the video is one consequence of this 😦

    * I have a plan thou: but not to be shared over here, we r watched 😀

    * off-topic/post: Aqaba n the horizon? 🙂


    1. As you mentioned this privacy issue is and will cause some problems. Also, there are downsides for this data mining in advertisement. For example, some people may have to pay more for health care if the insurance company predicted that a particular person may suffer from certain illness.

      Nothing new about Aqaba but the plan is to start on September Insha’Allah.


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