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BBC Documentary: Muslim Extremists in Luton

I stumbled upon this BBC documentary by chance and because I love BBC documentaries, I watched it until the end. The hour-long movie is about a British journalist who goes back to her hometown of Luton to investigate why it is known as the extremist capital of Britain.

The journalist met with extremists, the EDL (English Defence League) and with some ‘moderate’ Muslims. I do have reservations on using the description moderate Muslims though. No one says moderate Christians or moderate Hindus so why moderate Muslims. There are Muslims and Muslim extremists.

In recent years, the UK became known for these Muslim extremists. I do not live there to know why they became like this. In the Middle East, I can understand why such groups had evolved but not in the free West.

The journalist mentioned that there are many Muslims in Luton but the extremists are only a tiny group. I also liked what the man who she met at the mosque said. He said these individuals encourage other Muslims to go fight in the name of Islam but they always find an excuse not to go themselves.

My question is if they believe the society they live in is immoral and corrupt why don’t they live away from others. Why do not they choose to live like the Amish away from others.

I have not seen or heard of such extremists groups in the USA. There might be individuals like those who joined ISIS or like the Boston Marathon brothers but not as a group of extremists.

I do not know why they exist in the UK more than any other Western country.


6 thoughts on “BBC Documentary: Muslim Extremists in Luton

  1. I saw this earlier, a really good documentary.
    Toward the end when she says that u need to really try & understand the other point of view – which she did! It makes all the difference in such context of shooting a documentary/clip/event/etc.


  2. I liked coming back to read this post AFTER watching the video because your comments make more sense. I really like some of the Muslims she met. Others, truthfully, angered me a lot, and I felt like one of those people who hollers “go back home! we don’t want your sharia or you stupid people here! get away if you hate it here so much!” And I really understood the Lutons who said they avoided those areas. Actually it made me think of people here who avoid certain parts of town because they don’t fit in. And it make me think of people of different ethnicities who may be too fearful to go to certain parts of the US because the white people there might not like them. So, I guess it was thought-provoking to me over all.

    I think “moderate” Muslim is just an easy way for some people to label those Muslims who don’t seem extreme. You also have liberal or progressive Muslims – or I see those labels occasionally.

    For Christians I see progressive, fundamentalist, conservative…maybe more.


    1. Thanks for coming back and sharing your thoughts.

      In Missouri, I used to feel uncomfortable when I see the Confederate flag and tried to stay away from these areas 🙂 I also always make sure not to walk on the street after a football game in Columbia. My Egyptian friend with his covered wife and two daughters where shout at with profanity and “Go back home!” after one of the games by a drunk man. Unfortunately, many people go out of the game drunk.I have heard many stories of drunk Americans harassing foreigners.

      The reason I don’t like the “moderate” label is because the American media started using it to label good Muslims as “moderate” vs bad Muslims or extremists. Many of the “moderate” Muslims CNN and FoxNews hosted were not “good” Muslims according to many Muslims. So, if I don’t agree with these moderate Muslims hosted by the media, does this make me a bad Muslim?

      I understand your point that there are progressive or conservative Christian but I don’t know I just don’t like the moderate Muslim label.


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