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My mother is back from Damascus

On August 6, my mother went to Damascus. She had to go there to see her mother who is in her 80s and ill. The plan was to go there for a week or two. However, while she was there we learned that her return date is pushed to September 3. The Syrian Airways is the only airways landing at the Syrian airport.

We were very worried for her. Luckily, yesterday she told us that my uncle managed to find her a reservation for today at noon. Of course being the Syrian Airways the flight was delayed to 5 p.m. Before the war, the Syrian Airways used to be one of the worst in the world. So, you can imagine how it is now.

Anyway, we are more than happy that she is back with us safely.

Because there is no foreign media in Damascus or maybe because they are not allowed to convey the truth we do not know much about the life in Damascus. Unfortunately, living in Damascus is a nightmare:

  • The power is out every two hours for four hours.
  • A voluntary curfew after sunset.
  • People leave home preparing themselves not to be back.
  • No neighborhood is safe. Rockets, missiles, bombs and grenades could hit anywhere anytime. A rocket hit the hospital near my grandmother’s house last week.
  • The Free Syrian Army seized an uncle’s house.
  • Everything is expensive beyond imagination.
  • Everybody wants to leave but cannot because it is expensive.
  • If families cannot leave, they at least try to send their 20 something son(s) anywhere out of Syria or else the Syrian Army will force them to join the army.
  • Many husbands left their families behind in hope they can find a job in Europe or wherever accept them.

With Europe being on the edge of bankruptcy, the USA busy with the presidential election, Russia, and China supporting the Syrian Regime it looks the Syrian war is not ending any soon.

I used to love Damascus more than any other place. I have the best childhood and teenage memories there, it is sad to see it being destroyed this way. I wonder if I can ever see it again.

We are very happy that my mother is back safely with us but we also felt very sad because of the stories she told us about the situation there.  It breaks my heart knowing that my grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins live in such dire situation and I can do nothing to help them. Who can see the pictures below and not shed a tear and feel sorry for these people.

syrian refugee 2 syrian refugee 1


8 thoughts on “My mother is back from Damascus

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I think of Damascus often, and feel grateful for my memories there, but hate it so much for how the country has changed in recent years!

    I’m happy your mom made it back safely.


  2. الف الحمد لله على سلامه خالتو وربنا يفرجها على جميع اهلنا في سوريا عن قريب يا رب
    الوضع بوجع القلب جد…


  3. Glad your mother is back. Our thoughts are with the rest of your family in Damascus. The situation is unbearable; it is war after all 😦

    الله يطمنك عليهم جميعاً.. ودائماً


  4. I’m sorry for what is going on in Syria but I’m happy that your mother is back with you. I can’t imagine how it hurts to see what is going on over there, but at least you have happy childhood memories that will always be with you.


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