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A 41 seconds voice message from Vienna

No one likes waiting. The more we wait the more we get anxious. Here in Jordan, my family and our relatives in Syria were waiting to hear from Sahar. In the previous post, I did not mention that Sahar is actually my first cousin not just my friend. She went with her daughter on a more than 20-day journey from Damascus to Germany. Her transportation was an airplane, a bus, a train, a boat, an inflatable boat and of course walking a lot. A 1,700 miles distance from Damascus to Berlin took more than 20 days.

Yesterday, we received a 41 seconds WhatsApp voice message from my cousin. She sent us the message as soon as she arrived Vienna. The first European front that refugees feel safe. Besides the risk of drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, there is also the risk of meeting bandits face-to-face in Hungary.  These bandits found an opportunity in stealing these poor people’s money.

 I translated her message below:

How are you?
I am well.
We just arrived Vienna.
They gave us a wonderful reception.
We just alighted the train.
They celebrated our arrival. They applauded and took pictures.
It is very beautiful.
I just wanted to let you know.
Today, Allah made us happy after all our troubles.
Now, we are eating rice, pasta with meat, fruits, breads and chocolate.
They hosted us and are sending us [to Germany] by bus.

We could sense her happiness from her voice. She and her daughter are safe and that is what matter the most now. I am very happy for her.

She is safer now but as the rest of the Syrian refugees all over the world their lives will never be the same again. They all left behind people they love the most. They left parents, sisters, brothers and some left behind their children and/or a spouse.

For the time being,this is a happy moment that need to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Austrian people are lining up waiting for Syrian refugees.

9 thoughts on “A 41 seconds voice message from Vienna

  1. Refreshing news.
    الحمد لله على سلامتهم
    It is one journey that one can only imagine in stories and novels.
    Allah y3eenhom jamee3an! 😦

    Glad your waiting is over and ya Rab you, all of you, will meet sooner than you think


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