The next best thing to parenthood

My nephews and nieces dressed up for the Eid celebration.

I have read and heard from friends that becoming a father is an experience like no other. First time fathers experience new emotions they never knew existed, they say.

Although I am not a father but I think, I have a glimpse of their world. It is a wonderful one. I have four nephews and two nieces. Their ages are from couple of months to 12 years. I love them so much. The second youngest is the one that I spend most of the time with. He is less than two years old and loves me so much. When I am around, he chooses me instead of his parents.

Unlike his parents, I am not around 24 hours to feel overwhelmed by his needs and demands. My best moments are when he hold into me not letting go when his dad or mom calls him. In his world, I am more fun. The feeling that someone believes being with you is better than being with anyone else has no equal.

When my nephew sees me, he runs to me smiling. I hold him tight and kiss him. He learned to walk so he likes me walking him in the neighborhood. Recently, he became a nursery rhymes enthusiast, both of us actually. Here is a snapshot of YouTube recommended videos on my account:


Whenever my nephews and nieces are around, we play. Sometimes we draw or color. It is so fun but I cannot tell who has more fun them or me. Because I sometimes teach my nieces new things including how to draw, one niece told the other that uncle Malik knows all this because he was in America. They both want to go to America. I think my mission in America paid off.


5 thoughts on “The next best thing to parenthood

  1. Awwwww. That is so sweet. I know what you mean about feeling like someone wants to be around you all the time. They’re so sweet at that age, aren’t they? All they want are cuddles and kisses.

    I have two nieces, one just turned 12 and the other will be 19 next week. I remember when they were little babies. It seems they grow up so fast.


    1. Couple of years ago, the oldest nephew told his mother he likes me more than any one in the word. Unfortunately, at 12 he is more interested in his video games than me ☺ Maybe the younger the better ☺


  2. I love that picture, and I enjoyed reading about your nieces and nephews. That’s so cute what they said about your knowing “all this” because you went to the US! Haha! Thanks for sharing about this. I’m glad they have such a good uncle in their lives!


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