What is your monster?

This is an amazing short animation movie and the ending makes it even better. So, please do watch till the end. I couldn’t though connect the title (Tzadik a Hebrew word for “righteous one”) with the content.

In the YouTube comments, most people translate this story to depression. I agree. It seems it is a never ending struggle. But I also think the monster could be something else. The monster could be guilt. Righteous people feel guilty all the time and they can never escape this feeling. Maybe this is what the story is about, the struggle of the righteous one. What do you think? What this story is about?

In my world, this story resembles the struggle of depression.

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2 thoughts on “What is your monster?

  1. I can see how guilt or depression would fit. For me, I think of fear. I know fear is a normal emotion, but when the guy sat paralyzed by fear, he chose to let fear keep him from doing things. The fear became a monster too big to defeat. It kept him stagnant.

    When he finally decided he would act in spite of his fear, he progressed. In the end he “conquered” fear in a sense. He realized it was part of life, part of the emotions God gave us, but he didn’t allow it to control him any longer.

    Righteous people – perhaps – do things for God and others in spite of their fears.

    That’s my interpretation – for me. 🙂


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