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It is not easy to make a 43-year-old man happy. Two months ago, I drove my mother to the airport. It is two and a half hour drive. She was leaving to Damascus and my emotions were set to the sad mood. On my way back, only fifteen minutes from Amman airport, there was a huge Ikea sign. The last time I have been to one was in the 80s, in Kuwait, and I remember almost nothing of it.

I always wanted to go to one as an adult. Unfortunately, during the time I was in Missouri there was no Ikea. Recently, a big store opened in St. Louis though.

Anyway, here I am inside a new Ikea. Mesmerized!

I like creativity, order, neatness and beautiful patterns. Ikea has all that. What not to like about Ikea, really? I was so happy at Ikea wonderland. Even their coffee tastes better than Starbucks and it is much cheaper. Only one American dollar with free refill compared to 2.80 USD for a tall Starbucks house coffee. I thought Ikea was the first to introduce the free refill service to Jordan but an American living in Jordan corrected me, via Twitter, that there are two other (I think American) restaurants that started this service before Ikea. Free refill is still unheard of service in Irbid though.

Given that I liked everything there, I took pictures of what I found most interesting:

  1. An array of numbered bag hangers for toilet users. Because only Ikea knows that not all their customers come in a group of two or more.

20160331_2027252. Numbered shopping cart spots. No more pushing carts around to find your way to the toilet or trying to determine which one is yours when you are done. Seriously, Genius! 20160331_2027023. Free refill coffee for 0.70 JD (1 USD). Yes, thank you!


4. Saving the best for last. As if, I needed more reasons to love Ikea. Inside the toilet, I saw this sign “Please use the designated Wudu (Ablution) sinks on the first floor.” For the non-Muslims let me elaborate. Muslims need to wash their hands, arms, face and feet before they pray (not always though). Unfortunately, some people do not follow the etiquette of Wudu. That is, using as little water as possible and not splashing water all over the place as many do. Therefore, assigning a place for Wudu is the perfect solution. Keeping the toilet neat and clean. In addition, making people who wants to perform Wudu feel more comfortable.


Ikea made me happy that day!


6 thoughts on “Ikea Jordan

  1. I love IKEA and can spend hours there without feeling how time passed.

    Regarding coffee refill, we have a restaurant here in Amman called Auntie Hanady’s cheesecake, beside their yummy cheesecake and sweets they have coffee refill service.

    I don’t know why but I couldn’t add any comment on your previous posts
    I changed the email address just in case as I discovered that I can’t sign in to the regular email I used to write.
    hope this will work now


    1. Wow! Auntie Hanadys’ place looks fancy. Unfortunately, Irbid is way behind when it comes to nice coffee places.
      I am sorry about the comment thing. It is weird. The only new thing happened now is that your comment needed approval. But, maybe this is because of the Facebook link.


  2. Here is some IKEA tips given my experience in Amman’s vs Kuwait’s vs Australia (visited first two in the last 3 months:

    1. When asking help in the show room, read staff face and body language, make sure he is A. Smart or at least had an IQ of 110, B. He looks in good mood and willing to help, C. He / She of the lonely type, usually staff (communicating a lot with other staff members) feels how unfair taht staff member x is doing 0 work and he / she doing all the work, I’ve heard staff members whining almost every time I visited IKEA amman, and believe me you don’t want to ask those for help.

    2. Double check items you have to pick up your self, check 4 sides, usually they stuff scratched / damaged items on top of the shelf, even if the item is bulky (I.e Sofa)_ check the item before it gets into your house and they start assembling it, I’ve returned and item that had been hit badly on one of it sides, even it was one that I picked up, the wrestling with the item from the truck up to your place, many things can happen.

    3. If the item can fit in your car, forget the delivery.

    4. If item was bulky and has to be delivered, consider assembling it yourself, you can’t imagine the peace you’ll have.

    5. If item us hard to assemble yourself, ask for the Philippine guys and refuse having any Arab technician, even if the driver is slightly helping, give him a cookie and tell him to rest and have a tea, I had multiple terrible experiences with Arab technicians:

    A. They believe in themselves always and think they are right and pro, as it goes with most of the Jordanian population, he is “m3allem” wo e7na menno “net3allem”, specially youngsters

    B. In one of the installations, the driver fucked up a chest of drawers part and the piece started tearing apart, instead of admitting his mistake, he tried to hide it and tried fix it by screwing prices if metal to hold it up, he thought he was smart enough, but he kept refusing that I position it at the master room myself and asking me to wait, the way he kept insisting made me skeptical and I found out about it.

    B. Another guy was standing on a book shelf’s glass door while assembling the bookshelf it self, the same guy fucked one of the bookshelf’s sides while trying to join it with the corner bookshelf, eventually had. To be redone by the Philippinos.

    C. The same guy fucked a 4×4 Kallax unit, think he is a pro and assembling it without looking at the manual, he swapped the horizontal shelf with the vertical separater, making it impossible to place the top shelf which is the last step, what the solution ? Apply force! The screws weren’t straight and the top serve was damaged and had a bump in the middle, when I showed him his mistake he arrogantly denied, after showing his boss the manual, they put up the right way after it was too late, I had to replace the item, I bought 2 of those and the night earlier to the installation I installed one perfectly my self took slightly more time though.

    D. Another smart guy installed a bathroom mirronlr not centering it to the center of the sink, making it impossible to reinstall it as drill holes will appear, a mistake of school kid won’t make it

    7. A sign of unprofessionallity , one of the guy starred almost 30 sec in a picture my wife and I on the way out, typical Jordan isn’t it?

    3mar ya Jordan, IKEA Jordan or regional, if you’re reading this, please reconsider the hiring mechanism as well as training, or just get Philippinos to do the Job, worst IKEA experience ever, all the above was experienced on multiple installations, was dumb enough to fall in the same mistake twice.


    1. Wow! That was some experience. Thanks for sharing.
      I think lack of professionalism is something we suffer from here in Jordan. It is not mainly Ikea’s problem. When IkeaJordan hires people they have to be Jordanians. This doesn’t mean IkeaJordan is off the hock, I think they maybe need to train their employees more than in other places.


    1. I know Ikea opens only in big American cities. We didn’t have one in St Louis till end of 2014. Try to visit one if you are near one. You will like it 🙂


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