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Video: Fired on Mars

A man gets fired from his job on Mars.

Sooner or later, every man comes to a cross road, settle in the comfortable mediocrity or seek greatness, entering the wilderness of his own intuition. Unfortunately, most are too blind to recognize opportunity when it knocks. Others recognize it but only after its too late. And yet for some of us, the lucky few, that wake-up call simply cannot be ignored. We take the exit ramp, fight out for the territory, our sails full with a mix of rocket fuel and hell-fire. With new roads come new joys, also trials. like unpredictable rock storms… But a gem cannot be polished without friction. And so man forges the tools that will sustain him on the road ahead. Meticulously attending to the garden of his soul.  And when it finally bears the fruits of his labor, well… Then he will know the satisfaction of being nobody but himself. A colony of one.


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