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The Expats Club

It seems the world is getting smaller and smaller. A hundred years ago, if you live in one place, you would hardly meet or see someone from a different place. Now, the world became a small village as they call it.

Today, I went to my friend and first cousin’s store. He is an optician. We were both born and raised in Kuwait. We call his store the Expats Club because most of our friends are and/or were expats and many of his customers are expats as well.

Two regulars of the Expat Clubs I see there sometimes I met today. One is a Jordanian Medical Doctor who studied and lived in Italy for about two decades. We chatted about the Italian food and Italy’s great transportation system. He became a customer and a friend to my cousin since my cousin studied in Italy as well. The second man is a Kuwaiti who visits Jordan every now and then. He became a friend and a customer to my cousin when he knew that my cousin was born and raised in Kuwait. We asked him about places in Kuwait we used to go when we were teenagers and about life in Kuwait nowadays.

I also met a customer who I knew is a Professor at one of Irbid’s universities and was in Egypt attending a conference.

Stores in Jordan are very different from the ones in the States. Here you do not go to a store just to buy things; you go to a store to make friends and then buy. We are nosy. We are chatty. In Jordan, this is the norm.

At 4 pm before going back to Amman, I said goodbye to my brother who is on his way to Darfur by now. He will join the United Nations Peacekeeping forces. Although, he is going there as an Engineer you cannot not think about how dangerous Darfur is.

In one day, I had a glimpse of life in Italy, Kuwait, Egypt and Darfur. Every person has a story. You hear someone’s story and it vanishes from your memory before he even finishes his speech and some others engraved in your memory forever. One is stuck in my head. It is not a story, but rather a conversation, that I will share with you in my next post.

This was my day today not much but it passed peacefully.


9 thoughts on “The Expats Club

    1. The story that is stuck in my head is not one from the Expats club. It is a conversation I had ten years ago with someone in the States.


  1. This post is a great insight into your life and the complexities of how one becomes an expat in Jordan. Looking forward to the follow-up post.


    1. Hello Chiara,
      You have no idea how happy I am to see you commenting on my blog again 🙂
      Thanks for coming back and I hope to see new posts on your blog as well.


      1. Great to be back, Malik! Hopefully will be commenting and posting more. I have to thank Susanne again for emailing me, then providing your new blog address so I could put it in my reader feed. 🙂


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