Everyday a new lesson


9 am: At the Physician office. Normal checkup. “All good.” Said the Physician.

9:30 am: Took a chest X-Ray.

9:45 am: I decided to go to the downtown and enjoy the rest of the day. It was a nice day.


10 am: “Hi. This is Dr. … (my Physician). The X-Ray showed … Can you come tomorrow?”

“… I will be there tomorrow morning.” I answered.

Denial: “This is probably a scam to charge extra money for more tests. I heard about such thing before.” One brain cell said.

Foolishness: “You don’t feel anything why pay extra money for nothing.” Another brain cell shouted.

Acceptance: “You need to go. This could be something serious.” The rest of my rational brain cells agreed.

I have no collective memory of how the rest of the day went by.


5:30 am: Woke up.

6:30 am: Eager to go see the Physician but he sees patients at 9 am. I couldn’t stay home so I went to have breakfast at McDonald’s.

6:45 am: While drinking my coffee many thoughts and questions with different scenarios popped up. “What? Why? How? God?”

9 am: “What does …. mean?” I asked. “We will take a Chest CT Scan to know more.” He answered.

9:30 am: “We will call you at noon.” A woman from the laboratory said.

9:40 am: I went back to the Physician office. He was busy with another patient. I found out the world does not evolve around me, there are other people who need help as well. “What is next? Are you going to call me with the result?” I told his assistant to ask him. “He prefers that you come back again to see the result together.” His assistant came back with his answer.

9:45 am: Going back to work. “This can’t be good. Of course he doesn’t want to give me bad news on the phone.” My brain cells murmured collectively.

10:15 am: Waiting for the call, impatiently.

11:55 am: Still waiting. Nerves busy sending signals. “What? Why? How? God? …”

12 pm: No call.

12:30 pm: No call. “I will wait another 30 minutes. If they didn’t call I will call them.” I thought.

12:55 pm: I couldn’t wait any longer. I called the laboratory. “We already sent the result to your Physician.” The woman from the laboratory said.

12:56 pm: “It is nothing.” The Physician said. “It is …” He explained.

1 pm: Pondering about my “new” life while feeling relieved.

At your lowest moment you think of God more and more.

When you are the most vulnerable, you call no one but God.

You learn that whatever you are going through in life could be a hundred times worse. You learn to appreciate the simplest things. Most importantly, you learn to be THANKFUL!



10 thoughts on “Everyday a new lesson

  1. SOOOO glad the results were fine. I admit I went to the end of the post after reading a bit. I was in-between two thoughts; it is nothing and that is why Malik is telling us, reminding us about what to be grateful and aware of in our lives & this might be bad news, it might be!

    I thank you for sharing this with us. Anticipation, waiting, thinking, re-thinking, and thinking about our thinking mechanism itself is daunting. It is the reflective perspective that we should be embracing but most of the time we just get caught up in+with life I suppose!

    glad you are okay.


  2. Glad to know you are well and thank you for sharing your thought process and gratitude. I did get “bad news” over the phone and I was in fact grateful–to finally have a diagnosis (thyroid cancer) and that the doctor followed it immediately with “it has an excellent prognosis”. She had called so she could get my permission to book the surgery right away. I was also grateful that the medical system here, which was so slow to get an accurate diagnosis (3 years), was fast to start treatment. Still better to have your situation!


    1. I used to follow your news on your blog whenever you post something. I am glad things are better for your now.

      I guess receiving bad news is part of living and being human.

      Thank you for your comment.


  3. I was scared until I read to the end. I’m glad everything turned out okay. It’s true about calling to God. I’m not religious in the traditional sense. I don’t really pray, I never go to church. I do believe in God so it’s not that I’m an atheist. However, I always do talk to God when I’m scared.


    1. Thank you, Tina.
      It seems we do remember God more when we are in trouble 🙂
      I need to believe there is someone out there who will rescue me when I need help.


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