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A unusual warning sign

Such sign is not meant for the locals because Jordanians were taught at an early age not to throw toilet papers in the toilet seat. For the non-locals, this might be strange but believe us toilet papers don’t go away no matter how many times you flush. So, if you are visiting Jordan, now you know why there is a basket bin beside every toilet seat.

A sign at a public restroom in a mall
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Tents are not just for the Bedouins

Our dear neighbor lost their daughter last week. As I mentioned in a previous post, receiving condolences in Jordan takes place at the tribe’s guesthouse (Madafa). Sometimes, for different reasons, a tent is used instead of the guest house to receive condolences.

Our neighbor rented the tent and everything inside it for the occasion which lasts three days.


The tent is dedicated to men. Women go to the deceased’s family house.

The norm is not to go alone. Friends and relatives will go together to give condolences. They will be offered coffee and dates.

The tent in the early morning is closed.

Such tents are still widely used in Jordan for different occasions. During parliamentary or municipality elections candidates rent such tents for weeks for their supporters. They are also used for banquets and weddings.

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Eating in Amman

As I mentioned in a previous post, Amman became a multicultural urban city. Now, you can easily find restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world, more or less. To my delight, the other day I found a Chinese restaurant inside Majdi Mall, near the The University of Jordan. Seeing the two cooks were Chinese I decided to give it a try. I ordered rice with fried meat, mushroom and green, red, and yellow peppers. Lo and behold, I haven’t felt my taste buds this happy before. It was like a circus inside my mouth, in a good way. It has been two years since my last Chinese meal back when I was in Missouri. The restaurant is called Islamic Chinese Restaurant. On the menu, I saw they have another location in Irbid.

Rice with meat & various fried peppers 3.50 JOD

Another restaurant I tried was near my work at Rabieh. It is a Turkish restaurant at least that is what its name indicates; Ottoman. You can’t get more Turkish than that. I tried grilled minced beef sandwiches. Not surprisingly, these sandwiches are also common in Jordan, Syria Lebanon and Palestine. They are called ‘Arayes lahmeh.’ Ottoman didn’t disappoint at all. These grilled minced beef sandwiches were so yummy. If you happen to visit the Levant you have to try these sandwiches. They are tastier than Shawerma.

Grilled Minced Beef Sandwiches (two for 2.50 JOD)

Opposite the North gate of The University of Jordan there are about four or five Yemeni restaurants. I think because of the war in Yemen many sought refuge in Jordan. So, I had to try one Yemeni restaurant. I entered one called Hadhramaut. I ordered a dish called Muthabi (مظبي). It is rice with grilled chicken and two different sauces, one of them is very hot. When the server got my food I thought there was a mistake because the food looked suitable for two people not one. I didn’t expect to get half a chicken with so much rice. I couldn’t finish my platter. The food was very delicious and tastes very much like Indian food.

Muthabi, a Yemini dish, 4.00 JOD