Arabian Gulf or Persian Gulf

Five years after I wrote Arabian Gulf or Persian Gulf I received an email from the Researcher and Senior Adviser to the Managing Director of the Persian Gulf Studies Center.

In my post, I wrote:

Since I don’t know much about this issue I am not taking side with one party over the other. But I think that since Persians were there long time ago that body of water should be called Persian Gulf. But it is just an opinion.

But, I found it absurd to force the world to call you a name that not everyone agrees on. It is like when England forced the world at sometime in history to be called United Kingdom of Great Britain. Who call it Great Britain anymore?”

The researcher’s email it seems is a rebuttal to one of the reader’s claim that it should be called the Arabian Gulf instead of the Persian gulf. Here is the email verbatim:

Dear Dr. Malik Tubaishat
I read the comments on your site about the name of the waterway between the Iranian plateau and the Arabian peninsula. I just want to tell you something that it might be interesting for you Sir! as you probably know there is a river between Iran and Iraq that historically and according to documents the name is Shatt – E – Arab, but some extremists in Iran call it “Arvand river”! as a researcher and Iranian, I always stand against the name Arvand and I emphasize that the correct name is “Shatt – E – Arab. in the case of the waterway between the Iran and the Arabia is Vice Versa, i.e. that according to the documents the correct and historical name is the “Persian Gulf“.
Dear Malik
you are about to get your PHD as you mentioned on your site, so you are a academic person just like us. this issue has nothing to do with emotions or politics, it is something concerning documents and the science of “Geography” and “History”. also because of these strong documents, the highest legal source of the world i.e. United Nations Organization and also UNGEGN(United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names) on many occasions
has confirmed the name “Persian Gulf“. attached to this email is a PDF file by the name “Why Persian Gulf” .I think it will help you to find the truth and stand against the Arab extremism and call this waterway by its correct and historical name that is to say “Persian Gulf“.
it will be my pleasure to hear from you.
With Kind Regards
S.A.Mojtahedi(Researcher and Senior Adviser to the Managing
Director of the Persian Gulf Studies Center)
I received this email last year. I politely replied back and I didn’t think it was important to post it on my blog at that time. Today, I was searching for something on my Gmail account when I found this email and thought of sharing it. With what is happening in this cursed region it seems the relationship between Iran and its Arab neighbors is getting worse one day after another. No matter what they call it, it is obviously a Sunni-Shia war in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.
Is it really a religious war? or a matter of influencing power? When this madness is going to end? As if we are out of reasons to fight we want to fight over what we want others to call a gulf. It is not enough that we call it the Arabian Gulf we want to force you to call it the Arabian Gulf whether you like or not. And the same goes for the Persian Gulf.
The picture below doesn’t even look real. It looks like a scene from one of those apocalyptic Hollywood movies.
The main question what is all this for?chrome_2016-12-10_21-21-32
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Why do Syrians leave Syria?

cousin once removedWith every picture or video clip of the Syrian refugees, there is always one common comment underneath the reported story, “Why do they risk their children’s lives?”

The obvious answer is because it is not safe anymore in Syria. The second reason, because of the war most Syrians are not able to provide for their families anymore.  

In the picture: My 10 years old Syrian cousin once removed plays with her kite somewhere in Germany. She traveled with her mother from Damascus to Germany crossing Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Austria. She endured a terrible journey similar to the ones you see and read about on the media.

Here is another reason many people are not aware of, because of war, Syrian men in their twenties have to join the Syrian Armed Forces. Refusing to fight for the regime is punishable by execution. Others chose to fight against the regime by joining other groups. Some of these young men wanted out for different reasons. They maybe got tired, or were injured, or even forced to do things against their well. 

Sadly, some people including some Syrians who live in abundance outside Syria do not find the aforementioned reasons enough to leave Syria. Their excuse is these boats are too dangerous. Yes, they are. However, they have to make this decision not us. 

All my cousins-except three- and my cousins once removed and an uncle lost their homes in Syria. Before leaving Syria, they either moved to their parents’ houses or rented apartments in quasi-safer areas. There are four millions internally displaced and even those who left Syria were as well displaced in their own country before leaving. Most of my cousins are now in Germany, France, Libya, Egypt, UAE and England far away from their beloved ones. In addition, my sister who used to live in Syria before the war had to move to Jordan.

Unless the world puts an end to the Syrian war, the refugees will keep coming. Building walls will deter some but will not stop them. Unfortunately, these walls will make it more difficult on them. When you are in a war zone, you do not plan for tomorrow you plan for now and now for them is to escape war. 


Why the current class division is dangerous

One of the most successful reality shows and the most profitable (based on observation only) is “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” No matter who you ask they will say they hate this show and hence they don’t watch it. TV critics hate it. Women hate it. Men laugh at the silliness of the show. Comedians always joke about it. And to make it official IMDB.com rates the show 2.8 out of 10. I have never read or heard anything positive about this show. But, if a show is that bad how come it is on its 10th season now?

My answer is the show is silly indeed but it gave the world a glimpse of how rich people live. We don’t like the show but we do sometimes like to see this lifestyle that we will never have. We maybe want to know how life would be if money is never an issue. 

In the movie “Chinese Puzzle”, a Frenchman moves to the USA to be close to his kids after splitting with their American mother. He found a job in New York as a bike messenger. Here is what he said about this lifestyle:

“Pinned to the ground, you see that New York’s obsession is the sky. The image NYC sells is the skylines, skyscrapers, penthouses, rooftops. All anybody cares about is reaching for the sky. In reality, the city is split in two. When you first get here, you can’t be part of the “up” world. You belong in the “down” world. You live downtown. You have no right to the sky. You gotta work your way up from the bottom.”

When I visited New York I went to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. I of course liked Manhattan the most. I noticed that Manhattan is for the wealthy, Brooklyn for the middle class and Queens for the poor. Although you can see this class division everywhere in the world, I felt New York class division is so distinctive. 

Education and health care in the USA are the most expensive in the world. In the USA, it is common for someone to file for bankruptcy because they don’t have health insurance or because their operation cost so much the health insurance doesn’t cover all the bills. 

Although, Hollywood likes to show the beautiful and rich in their movies not all Americans live in Manhattan or San Francisco. In Missouri, I saw many families live in trailers it is almost common. And food stamps is a topic I used to hear almost every day on the local TV news.

Is it only me noticing this or are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The gap between the rich, the middle class and the poor is getting bigger and bigger. Shouldn’t the world start looking into this problem seriously.

Many people, naively, believe that religion is the reason behind most wars especially the ones in the Middle East. In my opinion, the number one reason is lack of financial stability. No rich man wants to go to a war.

Class division was the reason why the Arab Spring started. Because poor peoples voice is not heard and many times they are not treated will by the law as well even in the most democratic and developed countries.