I: The Thinking Strategies: vertical vs. horizontal post was cited in:

  • JOINTS an online journal, publishes papers on clinical and basic research about the latest developments in knee surgery, arthroscopy, sports traumatology, cartilage, orthopaedic technology, upper limb, and related rehabilitation.
  • Student perspectives on research-rich teaching by Ian Kinchin and Camille Kandiko. 01/2013; Publisher: King’s Learning Institute. Book.
  • The ideology of multiple majors: decisions of a college student in a declining economy. Ashley Jeanette Ecklund. 2012. Master’s Thesis.

Here is an excerpt from the thesis:

Decision-making as a socially influenced process is reviewed to provide a basis for which factors may be relevant when exploring motivation. A notable source from scholar Malik Tubaishat (2011) discusses the theory of vertical-thinking vs. horizontal-thinking on his website titled Jaraad. In this theory, the vertical-thinker would want to explore a single field of study in-depth instead of having breadth across multiple fields of study; whereas, the horizontal-thinker would want to expand on the breadth (width) of their knowledge by gathering a foundation on multiple fields of study rather than centering their focus on the depth of one. As explained by Tubaishat, “Horizontal thinking, unlike vertical thinking, is to investigate wider not deeper. Howard Gardner calls vertical thinkers the experts and horizontal thinkers the visionaries” (Tubaishat, 2011, para. 2). When we compare this to how many majors a student has in college, we can see that students are going down one of two paths; expanding fields of study or narrowing in academic focus.

II: Expat Blog Awards 2012: USA Honorable Mention Award.

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