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A glimpse of the situation in MENA

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But, sometimes you hear one sentence that sums up years or may be decades of miseries. Two days ago, an Arab (I think Lebanese) Circus director was been interviewed on TV. It seems this Circus entertainment company is new and they will start their show in Abu Dhabi soon. Here is what caught my attention:

Host: After Abu Dhabi what other Arab countries you will perform in?
Director: After Abu Dhabi we will go to Dubai then [other UAE city] then Qatar. After that we will go to Malaysia.
Host [persuading]: Okay. But, what other Arab countries you will go to?
Director [speaking sarcastically with a smirk]: Where else would we go?

The director’s response was spot on. It sums up the situation in the Arab world. Out of the 22 Arab countries scattered between the Middle-East and North Africa only few countries, in the Gulf, are living comfortably. The director was classy not to ask the host where you think we should go beside UAE and Qatar. He even included Malaysia although it is not an Arab country so the host can understand there are not other Arab countries to perform in. And you don’t expect to watch a circus in Saudi Arabia.

People in the Arab countries—except the GCC—live in a very poor situation. They are overwhelmed by wars, religion and/or political conflicts and poverty. People outside this region watch the escalation on TV but as they say seeing the fire is not like burning by it.

Here is how bad the situation is. People now are wishing for the time of Asad, Sadam, Mubarak and Qaddafi to come back. Yes, even insane Qadaffi people wish he is still ruling his country. Actually, people hope of any dictator but this group of savages roaming the region killing every hope left for a brighter future in this region. 

I live in a Northern city in Jordan called Irbid. It is 7,000 years old used to be called Arabella. Within only 30 km from the center of the city there are whole Greek cities (Jerash and UmmQais). Romans, Byzantines and Muslims settled in this city. If this city with all its ancient history is in a different region it would be one of the top tourist destinations in the world. In the past five months I have yet to see a single tourist. It is not just because the instability in the region but the city became so crowded you hardly see a car moving in a steady speed. 

Tourists stopped coming to Irbid not just because of the instability. Would you be happy seeing 60- or 70- something old women holding a toddler begging on the street during your vacation? Or how would you feel seeing a six-year-old Syrian or Jordanian boy selling gums at traffic lights.

In the USA, people mostly worry about how to save for their children college education and retirement. In Europe, with their magnificent social system I don’t know what their worries are. But here people fear tomorrow. When your government moves its tanks to the borders you know it is only the beginning of something so big and terrifying you wish you don’t live to see it.  

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The Six Types of Arabs You Will Meet in America

  1. The Students: This group integrates very well in the American society. Individuals in this group are between the agesarab student of 18 to 35. By their second year in the States, their English and exposure to the American culture is much better than many of the groups listed below. They know a lot about the American culture and they live similar lives to other American college students.  Almost all undergraduate students return back to their countries when they graduate. Graduate students on the other hand, are split between returning back to teach at an Arab university or staying in the States. Those choosing to stay later become The Professionals. Saudi Arabia alone has close to 50,000 students.
  1. The Professionals: Mostly came to the USA to continue their study. After their masters or PhD they find a job and adapt to the American way of life. They are mostly Engineers, Doctors, and Professors. They are well off. Besides their big house in the States they might have another back home, just in case. They vacation in both the USA and their homeland. They BBQ and some of them watch American football. They of course speak fluent English and second to their USA-born children (The Arab-American) when it comes to American culture awareness.

    arab police
    NY police officer Ahmed Nasser from Yemen
  1. The Arab-Americans: The second generation of Arab immigrants. Their first language is English. They don’t speak Arabic but many of them can at least understand it. Unlike their parents the idea of leaving the USA, one day, never crossed their mind. They consider the USA their homeland. Some individuals of this group either studied part of their k-12 in Islamic schools or they studied from elementary to high school. Regardless of whether they went to public schools or Islamic schools most individuals of this group are successful people. They all have a college degree. I am very proud of this group. I am sure it wasn’t easy on them growing up in one culture at home and exposed to a different one outside the home. I met many of them at our masjid and on campus. They are intelligent and down to earth. They managed to find and merge the good of two cultures. They also have the funniest stories to tell about the culture difference.
  1. The Haters: Although, they are legal and pay taxes, they hate everything about America. They hate its politics, policies, laws, economics and lifestyle. They hate people who live in America, regardless of their race, color or religion. They even hate Muslim Americans because according to them they abandoned their religion. They believe living in a non-Muslim country is Haram (sinful). Yet, they have been in the USA no less than 20 years. Why they don’t leave America you ask? They don’t because deep down they love it, but they will not admit it, out of fear (in their mindset) that loving America means not being a good Muslim. Think of it this way, how would you judge someone who keeps adding “I don’t lie” after every sentence. They are very few and their numbers hardly match any of the other groups in this list but they exist.
  1. The Temps: They came to the States on a six month tourist visa, but intend to stay for a couple of years. They work in Arab owned grocery shops and restaurants. They are males, work 16 hours a day and live in small crowded apartments with other men of similar status. They came to the States for one goal only; save as much money as they can, so they can return back to their families with good money. They exist only in cities with big Arab populations. Although they came to the States as tourists, they never leave the city they are working in. Because they are family men they are dedicated to their goal. That is, work hard, save money and go back home. They speak poor English if any, and know nothing about the American culture or system.
  1. The Arabs: They can speak English, but hardly use it. They work with Arabs and their businesses sarab shoperve Arabs, mostly. They are either retail owners or retail workers. These retails vary between restaurants, car dealers, gas stations, taxis, limousine services, groceries garage mechanics and many more. They work between 12 to 16 hours a day. The owners are w
    ell off and live a very good life in the USA. Because of the 16 hours shift and their frugal life style the workers save good money. They are also the most to brag about their non-existing-lavish lives in the USA when they visit their relatives back home.
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في مسألة تغييب العقل

القتل والعنف اللي قاعد بصير بإسم الإسلام في داعش والعراق وافريقيا ما إله عندي تفسير. شو سببه، ليش قاعد بصير ما بعرف. هذا شيء خارج عن استيعابي ولن أخوض به. ولكن في أمر غريب آخر يحدث حولنا أنا وأنت وهو تعطيل العقل المسلم. يحدث لبعض أصدقائي وأقربائي. أمر أراه كل يوم على صفحات الفيس بوك.

صورة لاعب كرة قدم وبجانبها صورة صندل أو عباءة أو عمامة. وتعليق على الصورتين يقول “صورة ميسي حصلت على مليون لايك عباءة الرسول حتجيب كم لايك.” فيسارع المسلمون بلا تردد في الضغط على زر لايك. فحبهم لخير البشر لا يعرف له حدود.

سؤالي هو لماذا يحدث هذا؟ أين العقل العربي؟ ولماذا أختفى؟

تجد مائة ألف لايك وأكثر لصورة تدعي أنها خصلة من شعر الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم. وتعليق على صورة أخرى يقول “راح أعتبرك يهودي اذا ما بتضغط لايك.” أي غباء وأي جهل هذا. أليس الكذب حرام؟ أليست هذه الصور كذبا وخداعا للمسلمين؟

هل أختصرنا أعظم الديانات الى صور ولايكات؟ أليست هذه هي الوثنيه، تقديس الصور للتقرب من الله سبحانه وتعالى؟

أرسل لي أحد اقربائي رسالة على الواتس اب:


ما رأيكم في هذا الكلام. هل من عاقل يصدق كذبا مثل هذا؟ اذا كان هذا اليوم يأتي كل مائة ألف عام فهذا يعني أن حتى رسول الله لم يشهده.

صورة أخرى استرعت انتباهي أنتشرت كثيرا على صفحات الفيس بوك. الصوره مصاحبه لفيديو لرجل يقرأ القرآن بصوت عذب. في بداية الأمر كان التعليق ألماني أسلم استمعوا لصوته وهو يقرأ القرآن. ولكن هذا غير كافي لتحصيل أكير عدد من اللايكات فقاموا يإضافة سيناريو آخر وهو أنه أمريكي ودفع له مبلغ 30 مليون دولار ليقوم بتسجيل ألبوم غناء ولكنه رفض.


الى اي مدى من الحماقة وصلنا. حتى أن اسم الرجل تغير من فيث الى مايكل. ولكن شكرا لنعمة العقل بحثت عن الاسم المرفق بالصوره  (Faith Seferagic) ووجدت انه له صفحة على الفيس بوك وانه بوسني مسلم منذ الولادة. ولا دخل له بالموسيقى او الغناء. وهذا ترجمة نبذة هن حياته:

جنسيتي بوسنيه، لكنني ولدت في ألمانيا. انتقلت إلى الولايات المتحدة في سن 4. عشت في بالتيمور لمدة 7 سنوات حيث أكملت حفظي للقرآن في الجمعية الإسلامية في بالتيمور. انتقلت إلى دالاس لمدة 10 أشهر لدراسة اللغة العربية الفصحى. أنا حاليا أعيش في تكساس كطالب ومدرس للقرآن.


 وهذا مثال آخر يجعلني أحيانا أشك في أن القائمين على هذا النوع الجديد من الدجل لهم أي علاقة بالإسلام. أترك لكم الصورة بدون تعليق. ولكن أتساءل أي إسفاف هذا الذي وصلنا إليه؟

أحزن عندما أرى الأمم الأخرى تبني مستقبلها وتجتهد لحل مشاكلها وتقدم أمتها. أما نحن فالجهل نخر واستوطن أمتنا.